Trending Foods as the Search for a Healthy Way of Life Continues

Hundreds of people are starting to become aware of their bad eating habits each day, and they are slowly shifting into the vegan way of life, which has proven to have a lot of health advantages. As such, vegan foods have emerged at the top of the list of food trends around the globe.

The amazing nutrients and replenishments that fresh fruits and veggies deliver to our bodies cannot be overlooked. The basics of veganism are simple, though it does take some research to do it in a healthy way. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that veganism does not require deprivation. While vegans do give up certain unhealthy foods, their diets tend to be much more varied than the meat-and-potatoes fare of the standard American diet. There is no shortage of hearty foods, such as vegan chili, stew, or pasta, as well as sweet treats like vegan oatmeal cookies, puddings, or ice cream.

Protein and Veganism

There has been the argument and confusion surrounding protein and veganism. Yes, vegans, without the meat, are able to get plenty of protein, which is something that the non-vegans like to argue about. It would be a total lie to say that meat doesn’t have a healthier substitute source of protein. Just about all foods have some amounts, including chickpeas, nuts, and nut butter, or soy milk. Even rice, spinach, and potatoes will have the essential substances, which are the building blocks of the body.

Fats and Veganism

avocadoOne of the best reasons to become a vegan is to keep saturated fat levels down. This is how committed vegans are able to live longer and have more productive lives. Studies have shown that vegan diets lead to higher energy levels, better eyesight and boosted immune systems. The latter is primarily the result of consistent antioxidants, which serve as protection against cell damage.

It is not common to hear about a vegan being diagnosed with lifestyle diseases, such as high blood pressure, colon cancer, or cataracts. These people live wonderful lives full of joy and free of many of the diseases that plague our affluent society. With a consistent vegan diet, great health is not out of the reach of most individuals.

There are hundreds of food combinations that you can experiment with as a vegan provided you put more emphasis on fresh wholesome fruits, veggies, and whole grains and completely eliminate animal products from your diet.

Other Foods

There are many other food types that have also come under the spotlight for their healing effect and other nutritional values. The Mediterranean diet, which basically revolves around fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, fish, olive oil, and wine is one of them. It is known for many advantages with the highlight being lower cases of chronic diseases and improved heart health.

Moving on, broths especially bone broth, have also been proven to add to the body’s healing power. They can easily be implemented into various diets and are easy to prepare, a fact that makes it a favorite among many people.

Flowers in cuisine is another trend that has been making a comeback in recent years. Various flowers including the likes of Osmanthus Flower, zucchini blossom, Chinese Rose, Chrysanthemum Flower, and Peony Flower have all been included in food preparation for both their flavors and most importantly, their medicinal values.

Louise Goff / 27/03/2019 / Diet
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